Friday, September 26, 2014

A New Baby & Silly Lilly

It's a girl!!! As we were getting the farm ready today for our big Open House this weekend we noticed Francesca was in labor. I guess she wanted to have a special guest at the farm for this weekend.

She delivered out in the big field and all the girls and Sapele were very excited to meet the new baby. Within 30 minutes she was up and walking. The little girls that were born last Spring were so excited to play with her they almost ran her over!

So Frankie (aka Francesa), her baby, Lilly and Annaschea got moved over to their own field so the little one could practice walking without those big kids knocking her down.

"Nanny Nanny Boo Boo I got my own field with my Aunts".

My mom brought some hay out into the field so Frankie could eat and keep an eye on her cria. Lilly thought it looked like a wonderful place to lay down and nest.  Lilly that silly alpaca.

"Hay that's my hay!"

"Perfect Anna stand there so I can have shade."

"Being an aunt is so exhausting!!!"

"That's it kid you are an hour old now so time to go off and learn to play by yourself."


"Finally I can rest."

Everytime I look at Lilly I laugh. She is just too funny. Maybe she'll put on a show for all the people that visit the farm this weekend and have her cria.  It would only be fitting for Lilly to put on a big show of her own.

If you are around this weekend my parents farm will be open to the public for National Alpaca Farm Days. The farm store is stocked with yarn, hand knits, alpaca apparel including coats, sweaters, scarfs, socks, gloves..... , honey, cutting boards, toys and lots and lots of other goodies.  We will have a tent set up with fiber demonstration showing how we take the alpacas fleece and process it into roving.  I will have samples of my patterns set up and I will have my patterns for sale. The event is always a fun time and if you are in the area come on by!  Also we are looking for help naming the new cria that was born today. We'll have a name suggestion box.

The weather looks like it is going to be beautiful for people, but hot for the alpacas. I'm sure we will be hosing them down which is always fun to watch! I hope you can make it.

Directions on our website

My sister put together a post from last year's Open House you can check it out here.