Tuesday, June 24, 2014

First Haircuts

Since two of the babies were not born before shearing day they got their own special day for hair cuts. Joel Mariacher came back and Bootiful and Winnie got sheared. Sapele was born before shearing day and he already had his hair cut, but I didn't want to leave him out of the pictures. He was posing so nicely.

The crias that are born before the Fall get sheared. This removes their fleece that they were born with and allows their first fleece to grow in very nicely. When they are not sheared they have what we refer to as cria tips. Their fleeces are like Velcro picking up every piece of hay and dirt on the farm. The shearers don't remove the hair from their heads, legs or umbilical area. This lets them keep their scent and helps their Mommas to still recognize them after they get their hair cuts. It has been known that some mothers will not accept their babies after they get sheared. Thankfully all mommas excepted their babies this time around.

As for the Fall crias they keep their fleeces on since they need it for warmth and will get their first haircuts in the Spring. 


Brian King said...

LOL! They look so funny after a haircut!

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fjord girl said...

Love their sweet eyes and their fluffy cuts. Are they easy keepers?