Friday, February 14, 2014

Wdamo Baby Belly

Happy Valentines' Day!
We got a dusting of snow overnight and a 2 hour delay from school. School was supposed to be closed for the February break, but they added the day to make up for all the snow days. So unfortunately Brady had to go off to school and didn't get to spend the day at home having fun :(
Here are a few more alpaca pictures from the farm.
Arrow and Ono are just too cute.

My Boggs and Carharts are getting their money worth this Winter.

I can't get enough of the babies. They are so cute.

Speaking of babies Smoke Ring had a date with 

Wdamo and now she is due in the Spring.

You can really see the baby moving around in her belly. I thought I'd try to take a quick video and I was surprised how well you can see the baby move. But then when I uploaded it to YouTube the quality went down the tube so I'm not sure if you can see it moving, but here is a video anyway.
If she is still pregnant after she is sheared then you can really see movement. Right now those few inches of fleece make it a little harder.


Brian King said...

Oh, my word! I'm used to seeing horses with blankets, but I've never seen an alpaca with a blanket on! That's too cute! I'm laughing!

Debbie said...

i am sooooo happy they have blankets to keep them warm!!

LOVED the video!!