Saturday, January 18, 2014


When I got up it was dark.
I went to the gym.
Then it got lighter out.
Then I went to the farm (even though it was still kind of dark).
Then it was actually sunny, which made farm chores pleasurable.
I was done with farm chores by 8:30 am and as I was walking to our truck it started raining.
Then it started to thunder.
Thunder in January???
On the way home it was down pouring.
When I got home there was a rainbow.
Then it started to rain / sleet / snow. A wintery mix as the weather people like to call it.
Then I went to the grocery store.
It started to rain hard again.
Then it got sunny again.

Then it got dark and I watched the Priority Alpaca Auction on my computer while it was going on live in Las Vegas. I was glad to see my alpaca Blue's relatives sell for so much $$$.
Good bloodlines :)
Now it is really dark and cold and we have a fire going to warm up the house. I knitted a hat, ripped it out, knitting it again, and I think I'm going to rip it out again.
In other words it was a crazy, yet good day.  Nothing bad happened.
I was so jealous of my sister and cousin because they spent the day at Vogue Knitting Live in NY! I was on Instagram following her the whole day. I wish I was there. Maybe next year, or maybe next year I'll be in Vegas for the Priority Auction, but I'm pretty sure I'll be home taking care of the alpacas. That is something I can't complain about. I love those fuzzy faces.


TexWisGirl said...

the alpacas look happy to have you tending to them. glad the weather wasn't worse but it sounds pretty mixed up!

Deanna said...

What crazy, crazy weather you are having, but seeing those sweet faces would brighten anyones day!

Debbie said...

I think I slept through the thunder....I heard it but when I got up, I thought I had dreamed it!!

No rain here, everything is dry!! We went to Pottery Barn, a lil different then your barn. I actually like you barn better!!

Then we went to pier village in long branch, we never saw a drop of rain!!

Love those guys, I miss them!!

Karen Sue said...

My son Alex used to like to read the book about Alex and the Terrible, Horrible, no good, very bad day~!!