Sunday, December 29, 2013

Spinning Lily

In exciting news my parents alpaca Lily is 2 months pregnant! Lily is one of my favorite alpacas.  She is co-owed by Emelise Farms and currently she is at their farm. She went there for a romantic get-a-away and it looks like the trip has been successful.

What has drawn me to Lily is her sweet personality. She is gentile and sweet, but always seeming to get into some sort of trouble. Like jumping out the van window, slipping through unopened gates, and constantly putting her feet in the water bucket. We do say "Oh Lily" a little to often.

Recently my mom sent her fleece into a spin off competition. A spin off competition is where you send in a sample of the alpacas fleece and it is analyzed and spun up by a judge and then scored. Lily's came in first place and the judge wrote a comment "I wish I owned this fleece."

So for my birthday when my mom asked me what I wanted I requested some of Lily's roving. I was spinning away yesterday.

One of my resolutions for 2014 is to do more spinning. I really enjoy it and I know with more practice I'll get much better at it.  I enjoy knitting with fingering weight yarn, so I've been spinning Lily's fiber as a lace weight and then Navajo plying it, which makes it a 3 ply yarn.

I am getting better at the Navajo plying, but this is well... still in the beginners stage. In the past I use my Lazy Kate and ply three singles together to make a 3 ply yarn.

In the mean time I'm waiting for some custom dyed roving to come in the mail. I'll be spinning it up to make a Spire with "The Girls in Sheep Clothing.... and a few boys too."  I am very excited about it.

Along with spinning I've been working away at a new pattern I've designed. It is past the half way mark and I am really enjoying it.  More to come on that in 2014.

And just for fun a picture of Lily right after she was sheared. Enjoying a good sun bath.


Debbie said...

lily is a sweetheart, she gave me alpaca kisses and lot's of attention last time i visited the farm!!

Melissa aka twoknitwit said...

have I told you I love Lily and her lovely fleece :)

I know I have (like an hour ago!)but I thought I'd tell you again

counting the minutes til Spire!

Deanna said...

Oh Lily, what a handsome sweetheart!! And congrats on your new "adventures ahead"...sounds like such a fun thing to do with your children. And yes, I have seen "UP" and thought it was one of the better movies that year!! Happy New Year, Andee..many good times ahead for you in 2014!!

fjord girl said...

What a very sweet post. Lilly is so beautiful as she is soaking up the sun- what beautiful fleece she has too. Your knitting and spinning...swoon.
Can't wait to see it all.
Happy New Year!