Saturday, November 30, 2013

Hey Love

Tiny has a very bad sprained ankle :( I am very thankful for Motrin. Poor little guy he is not a happy camper. Hopefully he will be feeling better soon, but in the mean time we are playing lots of Candy Land, helping out at the farm and decorating because Santa is coming soon!

Trying to keep a four year old from walking is....challenging. He doesn't want to walk, but when he does it ends with lots of crying and me saying "I told you to stay on the couch." So needless to say I haven't taken many pictures lately and most of my knitting projects are gifts so I have to keep them secret.

So instead of pictures I'll share this fun video. I have BIG dreams of getting away with all my fun Blogging friends and having a bon fire on the beach and playing this song. This song always makes me happy just like everyone of you do!!!


Lori ann said...

poor baby! agg, i remember that so well, how to keep little boys resting an injury! bribery! haha, hope he feels better soon.

love the video and music, what a gorgeous band! yes to beach bonfires sparklers and knitting friends!

yes, that was owen, he LOVES running willy nilly on the beach :)

TexWisGirl said...

hope tiny can mend quickly.

Brian King said...

I hope Tiny's ankle heals soon! That's tough for a little guy.

karen said...

hope he feels better soon! Candyland is hard to purposefully lose by the way. I would play with my daughter and try try try to get her to win :)

BlueMoon07704 said...

Feel better soon Tiny. No fun to be hurting, for you or Mom.

Debbie said...

awwww poor tiny and poor you!! I have to admit that I never loved candyland ;)