Friday, November 15, 2013






Tiny and I had a special date planned today. We were both over due for some sprucing up. I needed my color fixed and Tiny needed his wild locks tamed.  My boss was going way so we decided to take advantage of the afternoon off from work and packed up and headed out.  First we stopped and I got coffee and Tiny got a chocolate donut with sprinkles. Then we got our hair done and then we did a little shopping. I bought a nice cape to wear to my cousin upcoming play. He is in a production of Les Miserables. I am going to see the play with my mom and sisters. I am very excited. At the store Tiny bought a book that makes farting noises. Of course.
I had planned on going to a nice little lunch, but he decided he wanted to go home.  But instead of going home we stopped by my parents alpaca farm for a quick photo shoot. We needed a picture for an ad to advertise our farm store hours for the holidays.  My sisters got dressed up in lots of the alpaca apparel we have for sale at the farm.  Some things we have made and others that we have brought in. With tags still on they got dressed and grabbed Smoke Ring and I got some acceptable pictures to my sisters. Leanne is doing the ad so the size was important. My sister Liz insisted I didn't let her look pregnant in the sweater, even though she is about 20 weeks pregnant. She didn't want people to think it would make them look fat.
One of my friends was at the farm wearing one of her hand knit items. It reminded me its been almost a month since one of our yarn parties. We need to get together soon.
I came home from the hair cut store (as Tiny calls it) a brunette. Good bye blonde.... well for now at least. I'm back to my roots :)
Tiny and I had a wonderful afternoon together. He is growing up so fast.
Now tonight we have a fun family night planned of pizza, a movie and of course knitting.
Have a great night!


TexWisGirl said...

i like the bru you! :) and tiny, too, looking all grown up.

Melissa aka twoknitwit said...

agree with texwisgirl ~ love you as a brunette!!!

Brian King said...

Tiny cracks me up! LOL! Great shots at the farm!

Lori ann said...

okay, i want to be a brunette too now. you look gorgeous!!
love all the beautiful alpaca clothes and pretty sisters, and how darling is tiny. i love the baby bump! what a fun post, i love you guys!

Debbie said...

your images are all sooooo amazing andee, you have so many talents and i just love reading your entries!!

tiny looks so grown up and handsome and you look, as always, amazing!!

have an awesome weekend!!

augcott said...

Love the shots .... Tiny looks quite handsome with his new style and you r lovely as a bru!!!

ALF said...

I still think you look like Olivia Bensen in those pictures. She's one of my favorite actresses.