Monday, October 7, 2013

All Rested Up

I have been desperately missing Downton Abbey. I went on Masterpiece Classic's website the other day and watched a quick video of Season 4 Preview. Oh to hear Lady Mary's voice made me so happy.  I am working on some very involved knitting projects. I like to have a show to watch to help keep me motivated and get through challenging knits. I think Downton Abbey is the best for that. January 5th cannot come soon enough. 

Last night Masterpiece started a show The Paradise.  It was very similar to Selfridge, but I think they are trying to make it more like Downton Abbey.  But it is not the same. I want my Downton Abbey.  But the thing I did like about The Paradise were all the hand knits. There were lots of pretty shawls and one of the women was wearing a shirt that looks just like the scarf pattern I am knitting. So the show gets points for that.
I am planning on downloading some audio books onto my Kindle so I can listen to them and knit at the same time.  Hopefully that will hold my attention and get me through some knitted on edging.

Over the weekend we celebrated Brady's birthday. This year we didn't plan a party for him. I have found that having a birthday in the beginning of October is difficult because it always seems that we are sick. Those darn back to school germs. So this year we played it by ear. Tiny and myself are on antibiotics with upper respiratory infections and I'm glad I didn't plan a big party. Instead we did a last minute "does anyone want to join us for a hour for pizza and cake thing." The bonus of my sisters and parents all living within walking distance from each other usually means we can pull something together at the last minute. So at 4 pm I went to the store and picked up some pumpkins then called to order pizza and at 5:30 we were eating pizza and painting pumpkins at the farm. We sang happy birthday and then we were back home in time for a movie and bed. Simple. Just they way Brady likes it.

We got him Minecraft heads. The boys are obsessed with the game.  All they want to do is play it. It works out well like this weekend we were on doctors orders to stay in and rest.  Tiny was on the verge of having asthma and walking pneumonia so a weekend of playing the game worked out great for me because I was able to reset up too and get a lot of knitting done.    

Thankfully we are all feeling better now and Rudee is still the cutest thing ever.


augcott said...

Awwwwwww......I hope you all are up and running in no time! Being sick is just awful .... especially on one's birthday!!!!!!
Nice to meet a fellow knitter although I tend to stick to simple.....very simple....projects. You definitely look like an intermediate!!!! Awesome!
Have a great knit and purl week!!

eidolons said...

Oh my goodness. Minecraft heads. I'm torn between showing this to my boys and making sure they never see it. (:

Adrienne said...

Your knits are just beautiful - and I'm with you on the need for some downtown abbey! Best audio book I ever listened to was Rob Lowe reading his well written I had to go read it even after I'd listened to it!

Debbie said...

your knitting projects are just beautiful!!

the kids and rudee look great, i'm happy to hear that everyone is feeling better!!

i don't know anything about downtown abbey, i assume that's a bad thing ;)

karen said...

Happy birthday!!! Love quickly planned parties, really dislike the planned ones-stressful!!

Deanna said...

Glad that you were able to pull a party together quickly...what's a birthday without a party!! And yes, Rudee is the cutest dog ever, but wait, mine are the cutest dogs ever!!

Lori ann said...

feel better sweetie! i wish i were closer, i'd make you a big pot of chicken soup. such cute photos, boys and puppies! and your knitting, you are constantly amazing me, i don't know how you do it working and mothering and then your exquisite knits.
and i saw the himba. LOVE.

thecrazysheeplady said...

A party EVERYONE can enjoy! Rudee is definitely too cute!!!