Thursday, August 22, 2013

Climbing on Rocks

First off I'd love to say thank you for all of your lovely comments on my Camping Shawl and my Quill. I truly loved working on them and I was overwhelmed with all of your wonderful comments. Thank you so much! 
Now back to our vacation.  Although our entire trip to Lake George NY was amazing one of the highlights of our trip was our visit to Natural Stone Bridge & Caves in Pottersville. What could be better than climbing on rocks?! Not much. We loved this place so much and we will be sure to go there again next time we are in the area.
So here are some pictures again straight out of the camera. I may edit them in the future so you might see some of them pop up again down the road.

At Natural Stone Bridge & Caves you pay a small fee for entry and then it is a self guided tour. In our case it was keep up with Brady!  The boys were so giddy about climbing and pointing out everything. In Brady's words everything was "Amazing!"

They have the some of the oldest rocks in North American and the largest marble cave entrance in the East.  In the picture below you can see there was tour that got to get very close to the entrance.  Us regular people could get as close as you can see the people on the far right (see them way over there). It was close enough for me.

Tiny handled the paths like an expert.

The day we visited it was in the low 70s. Perfect for hiking. Brady had his sweatshirt on.
I love sweatshirt weather.

Now we are by the cave entrance. These people got to get a closer look. I was happy staying out of the cave. 

Along the walk there are different spots marked. Each spot has a sign and gives an explanation about the rock or a little story.  It is very informative. Since my kids can't read they were not about to stop at any of these signs. We did our best to keep up with them. I think I could have stayed there all day taking pictures.

There are several spots along the walk were you can go in the caves and they are lit up. There are rushing waterfalls and so cool to look at.  Of course my boys were off in the other direction before I could get my camera settings right.

I wish I had this view in my backyard.

Do you think my camera bag is big enough?

More underground.

Can you see George Washington in the picture below?

I'll give you a hint. It is his profile. 

Do you see him now? 

After hiking the boys played in the dinosaur dig. I think they would have stayed here all day.  Only we had to get going because we had a rodeo to get to. 

I enjoyed looking at some rocks while the boys played.

They also have gem mining here. We didn't do it because we were rushed for time. But we did some mining back at the campground. We got fossils and gems.  I'll share them in another post. 

So that was our trip to Natural Stone Bridge & Caves. If you are in the area I highly recommend going there. Can I go back now? I wish :)


fjord girl said...

Looks scary and exciting at once. I bet it was quite the experience for all of. Beautiful images...had to chuckle at your camera bag- I too feel like a pack mule on trips when everyone else is frolicking.

Debbie said...

This was a long one andee, I hope I can remember all the things I want to remember!!

I love autumn and "hoodies", the air feels amazing!!

I will take the same view in my backyard and I saw George pretty quickly!!

You pictures are really beautiful, I'm not sure I could do this!!

Brian King said...

Great rock formations! I'd like to take a look inside that cave. I bet the boys enjoyed it!