Thursday, July 4, 2013

So Simple So Good

Happy Fourth of July!  Yesterday I had a strong urge to drink. I usually don't have an urge to go to a liquor store and buy wine, but yesterday I was in the mood to have a glass of wine. So I hit the grocery store and then the liquor store. I came home with some Blue Moon beer and some red wine.  I think I had the urge to drink because I didn't do much drinking on my trip to Vegas. I took it kind of easy on the booze while we were away since the temps were around 117 degrees and we were in the pool all day. Then walking at night (it was much cooler at night more around 102 degrees). If the heat didn't drain you the alcohol did.  We saw so many drunk and dehydrated people getting taken away.  Gladly I was not one of them.  So all excited I got home and cracked open an ice cold beer then took a look at Tiny and he was head to toe covered in hives. Yikes.  So now as a responsible parent I put the beer down and tried to figure out what was causing the hives.  I have no clue what caused them, but we did run to the pharmacy to get some Benadryl and his hives did go away. 
So today I actually have the day off of work.  It is sunny and very humid. From the comfort of my air conditioned house it looks nice outside, but once you're outside it is gross. Too hot and too humid.  But still the boys were bugging each other and we needed to get out of the house.  Since I am still not sure what caused Tiny's hives I didn't want to go far from home or to the beach.  He usually doesn't do well with the heat and sometimes he doesn't cool off well at the beach, so we decided to go to the reservoir. 
So after the morning of no hives as soon as we got to the reservoir he was covered with hives again. Sigh.  So on the way home we saw the sky divers and the boys begged to stop at the airport. So we made a quick visit. I was surprised to see all the boats at the airport. I guess they are misplaced since hurricane Sandy.  So many docks are still being rebuilt.  But the kids loved seeing boats and airplanes.  One of the banner planes had a sign that read "So Simple So Good".  For some reason Blogger doesn't want me to post those pictures, so much for so simple so good.  I think it has to do with not updating my credit card. Do you pay a monthly fee for Google? It keeps charging me every month for storage fees. I feel like it is a scam, but now I can't post all my pictures...sigh. So much for so simple so good.
But while I'm stuck inside I am having fun planning some camping trips. We are planning on going to Maine at the end of the summer.  I found a campsite that does "The Amazing Race" on Bar Harbor in Acadia National Park.  It is a three day race around the island. You have to find clues and visit all different places on the island. You get to do it in teams and we plan on going with friends of ours so it sounds like it could either be really fun or really dorky. I'm not sure. But seems like a good way to get out and explore the island.  Have you been to Acadia National Park in Maine? Do you have any tips for us?


TexWisGirl said...

the pic of tiny on his tip-toes is really cute! as a kid, i used to get hives / heat rash. hope his subside and stay away!

augcott said...

Love all of your shots.

I hear ya about drinking in Vegas ... we were there a few years back and it was 106 during the day! The only thing I wanted was water! LOL

Have fun in Maine......sounds like a blast!


ALF said...

We camped at Acadia National Park when I was a kid. It's beautiful. You'll love it!

Debbie said...

we have never been BUT i love the amazing race. i have always wanted to do that but fear/know i would be the first to go.

phil is a huge ms supportor, i have thought about writing to him, suggesting an amazing race for peeps with ms!!

maybe tiny's hives are from the heat!?!?