Saturday, May 11, 2013

Day 10: Nature

Day 10: Nature
I should have posted these pictures yesterday on the 10th. Oh well I am a day late.  I did take these pictures on the 10th if that counts.
With the prompt being "Nature" I thought I should take the boys to the farm.  Also with it being lighter out later I find it easy to take them over there and let them run wild for an hour then home for baths, books and pjs and like magic they go to sleep!

On of their favorite things to do is have leaf races. We drop leaves on one side of the bridge and run to the other side to watch for them to come through. Endless entertainment.

"I SEE IT, I SEE IT!" They get so excited each time they see their leaves.

The farm is also a great place for birding.  Unfortunately my camera isn't really great for birding.  It is good for my yard birds, but in the woods it is a little bit trickier.
We saw a Yellow Warbler with some fiber in it's beak clearly working on a nest.  It kept singing and we could hear it's mate calling back.  Brady tried to mimic it by whistling, but it is a really tricky call.

We also saw an Oriole. It was singing to us too, but we only saw one.

There are so many red winged black birds at the farm and I seem to take tons of pictures of them because they are always so close. I never post any of the pictures. One day I'll have to make a post dedicated to them.  Brady has their call down pat.

No birds in this shot, just a cool vine.
I wanted to get a closer look at the oriole and try to get some better pictures. But the kids didn't think that was a good idea going into the forest.  Also I was wearing a hand knit skirt I made and some flip flops. Not really birding clothes.

So instead the boys played roll down the mountain game.

So that was our little Nature walk at the farm.
ps- If I got any of the IDs wrong on the birds let me know.  I like to think I'm an experienced birder since I have watched "The Big Year" like a hundred times. But really I don't know much.


beth jillette said...

Love your photos always enjoy your posts
Is the picture you use for your heading of your boys? It's magical!

Brian King said...

Your boys are always having fun! That vine looks just like a rope. I've never seen one like that.

TexWisGirl said...

really great that they get to enjoy nature and get right down and into it. as it should be. :)

great birds you get to see, too!

Debbie said...

hey, who says you can't "bird watch" in flip flops??

your boys are sooooo lucky, children don't play outdoors any more and they have no idea what they are missing!!