Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Super Heroes

I don't like bad people. I wish there were only good people.  I hope I raise my boys right to be good people.  I want them to have happy childhoods and be happy adults.  When I see bad things happen it makes me hold my boys closer and pray that they will grow up without the horrible tragedies.  

I want them to be boys. To have fun and play outside and get dirty. I want them to be respectful of their elders.  I want them to belly laugh everyday.  I want them to be inventive and build rocket ships out of cardboard boxes and tell me stories at bedtime about dinosaurs.  I want them to have good values.

I don't expect them to have straight A's in school or become doctors... unless that is what they want (I'll push the A's but settle for hard work).  I want them to find jobs doing what they love. Maybe it will be working on the farm or making movies. I just want them to be good people.  For now I'll let them dream of being super heroes because the world needs super heroes right?

Here is a little Super Hero Video starring Tiny Terror and Brady


Nancy Claeys said...

It's hard trying to make sense of it all. Focusing on what's important is a great first step. xo

Buttons said...

Oh I love the way you wrote this. I can tell by this your boys are in good hands to become good people like their Mom. B

Debbie said...

oh andee, this was perfect for me for today!!

i said the same thing's to my boys, many years ago. i still say it to them now. i don't care if you pump gas for a living, i just want you to be happy. to have good morals and values, to be the good guy!!

the video is awesome, i loved the song/music!!

Deanna said...

I have always said this to my children, be happy with what you do in your are doing all that is right and good for your boys.

ALF said...

I love this. Well said.