Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Alpacas & Knitting

I finished up my Ice Skating Cape. I really enjoyed making this cape. I used Juniper Moon Farm Sabine yarn which is a combination of llama, merino and cotton. I think this yarn is perfect for this cape.  I still need to add 4 buttons and a ribbon through the eyelets at the top. I'm on the hunt for just the right finishing touches.  Shortly after I posted my finished pictures on Ravelry I got asked by the designer to feature my pictures on the pattern page! How exciting is that. I was so excited I couldn't stand it.  I took a snap shot do you see my pictures below :)

Ravelry users can visit the real link here.

My parents were out in Ohio this weekend picking up two alpacas. Vauneese and Anna Shea (that is not how you spell her name, but that is how I am spelling it until I get the correct spelling).  Vauneese had already been at my parents farm, but she had to go back to Ohio for breeding.  Anna Shea is brand new and fitting in very well.  Anna Shea was breed to Candyman. Tiny thinks the baby alpaca should be called Lollipop.  He is a funny kid.

Lilly (left) and Vauneese (right)
After my mother unloaded the girls from the van I noticed she was wearing a scarf I made for her.  She handspun the yarn herself and I used the Mile a Minute Scarf pattern.  I love how it showed off the wonderful colors of the merino yarn.  She spun the merino yarn and then plied it with yarn she spun from her alpaca Geneva.

Geneva in front       

I am working on a Cambridge Shawl with yarn from my parents alpaca Ox.  Ox is the alpaca on the left in the picture above.  When my Mom sent his fleece out to the fiber mill they added a purple merino to it.  So it went out black and came back purple to our surprise.  I thought it would be great to use for a shawl.  Alpaca tends to shed so I thought the darker color might make it not as noticeable.  Also Ox's fiber has so much luster it is my favorite to work with.  I'd tell you you can buy some of his yarn at the farm store, but you can't I bought all of it for myself :)

So I took my shawl out to show Ox to see what he thought about it so far.  What fun is having alpacas if you can' let them help in the creative processing of your knits?

"What I'm not purple?"

Ox didn't try to eat it, spit on it, step, or poop on it so I assume it passed his inspection.  Here is a better shot of it.
 I have really enjoyed knitting this shawl. I thought I would take the month to knit it, but now I am rushing like mad to get it done.  I have joined a Knit a Long and I'll be making a Leaves of Grass.  I ordered my yarn online and I can't wait for it to get here!

Happy Knitting,

Also here is a link to my parents farm Arrow Acres Farm


TexWisGirl said...

kind of funny to show the alpacas their products. :)

YolandaR said...

The colors and the scarf itself is really gorgeous!

Brian King said...

Great job with the knitting! You are talented. The alpacas are cute and quite humorous!

EMMA said...

Your ice skating cape is beautiful! Love the pictures of the alpacas inspecting your knitting!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Oh so lovely. All of them and the animals they came from. I would guess all your "designers" would use your pictures if they saw them! :-D

steph said...

what a stunning cape!!! i can just see you spinning around the rink! beautiful.

and how funny to see the alpacas checking out what must have smelled like a kindred spirit!!!

Christine N said...

All your knits look so luxurious. You do wonderful work.

Anke said...

Oh wow, your knitting projects are gorgeous!

Heather aka Proud Mama said...

Congrats on your photo recognition. Your pictures are really coming along beautiful. Quite a talent. I have a friend named Anushe - perhaps that is how your alpaca spells it as well. I will be with you knitting like crazy for the log KAL. I am using worsted though.

Lori ann said...

congratulations sweetie! that is very well deserved recogintion, your cape is just beautiful!
and so funny to see the alpacas looking at your knitting! your shawl looks gorgeous, i can't wait to see it finished.

Evelyn said...

It's absolutely NOT surprising that you were asked to share your beautiful work on the designer's pattern page. Well done!

Victoria said...

What a gorgeous cape! Congratulations on being featured! I love, love the alpacas checking out "their" product! Too funny!

Debbie said...

congrats to you andee, finally some recognition for your beautiful work!!

mom's scarf is gorgeous!!

ps...those are my winter floppers, they have "fur" ;))

Anonymous said...

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