Thursday, December 13, 2012

Harley Weimeraner

My dog Harley is the best darn dog a girl can ask for.  He will be 11 in January.  About six years ago he was diagnosed with mast cell tumors. They were stage two. He had two surgeries to remove the tumors and then it was a wait and see.  The next stage is stage three and they would have given him 8 weeks to live.  But Harley may have some extra bumps than most dogs (okay tons of tumors) but he is as strong as ever.

I got Harley as a puppy. He has been a good friend to me. He wasn't to sure about Freddy coming along and Freddy has never been to sure about him.  Once the kids came he has had a look on his face like saying "when are they going away."  hee hee. I think the picture above perfectly describes Harley's feelings for the boys.  He tolerates them.

He has never been mean to the boys and he does love it when they pet him.  But I know he would rather have me all to himself.

I call Harley's collar his big boy collar. He will chase after anything that moves. So I kept it on during these pictures to he didn't go after any varmint during our shoot.

I think he sees a squirrel.

I was trying to get a Christmas card shot, but Tiny didn't want to cooperate. But he did pose for this shot.

Okay I give up, go play.

Harley takes good care of us. He barks at anyone that tries to come near our house and is the best darn watch dog a girl could ask for.

Oh and no I didn't knit Harley's sweater. I bought that for him in Manhattan many moons ago.


Debbie said...

that first picture of bady is gorgeous, just gorgeous.

#2 could be your card but harley looks so sad!!

when you leave me a comment, i get notified via email but your comment does not show up below my entry!! weird and not fair!!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Ugh, I thought for sure you'd knitted that ;-). Great dog!

TexWisGirl said...

a sweet and handsome dog. i hope you have him for several more years!

Deanna said...

Cute, cute pictures...and dogs are the best!!

Brian King said...

Harley is a sweet looking dog and your boys seem to love him! These are great photos!