Monday, October 15, 2012

Smooth Landing

It is just that simple. Now I am off to research a new computer system. I'd appreciate any recommendations.


Debbie said...

i can't find autumn, anywhere!! very cool series andee.

the hubs loves his apple, i love my pc (sony vaio) and i really love my new ipad. of course i have an iphone and everything sinks. (is that how you spell it?? they should have spell check for comments, so we don't look foolish)!!

shhheeeeeez, do i really need all these devices??

Debbie said... i look foolish!!

Brian King said...

Nice landing shots and I like the fall colors in the background!

Leanne said...

Dont you have a mac downstairs? Best computer hands down in my opinion. Been on one for 15 yrs. If work stuff is compatible, thats my recommendation.