Monday, October 29, 2012

Sandy is Coming!!! (not that Sandy)

Typically I don't watch much TV. If you ask my kids what my favorite TV show is they will tell you Sponge Bob Square Pants.  I never put on a show for myself.  Usually the TV is off, but I use it as mommy's helper when I need them to settle down and sit in one place.  With this big storm coming I have left the news on.  This has brought up many questions from the boys such as: "Mommy why is that car underwater?" "Mommy why is that man doing that?" Ugg. Okay so I explain to them Mommy has to watch the news because a big storm is coming and we have to get ready.  They ask, "Mommy is there going to be cracks and booms?" I explain there might be rain and snow.  They started to realize I wasn't going to turn on their shows and started watching the news. I'll summarize but this is what they were saying, "Sandy should be here Monday." My boys, "Sandy is coming back Mommy!!!!!! Sandy is going to be here Monday!!!!! Is he going to come to our house and Mommom's?" The questions on and on I tried to get a word in, "Boys the storm's name is Sandy, not Sandy the alpaca." The boys, "No Mommy the man said Sandy is going to be here soon and to stay in our homes!!!!" Excuse me while I go to the bathroom and lock the door and cry.

I've been wanting to make this post for quite some time, but I guess now is a good a time as any.  Sandy was our favorite alpaca who we lost too soon.

I'm am totally dying inside right now. I have to make this post more light-hearted.

I didn't bother editing any of these photos since I'm sure that would cost this post to never happen.
My parents started their foundation herd a few years ago. In their herd they purchased a female with a cria by her side. A cria named Sandy. Okay he's real name was Sanda, but we called him Sandy.

Sandy was a big trouble maker when he came to the farm. He was a pest always starting fights and getting in trouble, but always the friendliest.  He quickly won us all over despite always getting in trouble.

He sent a lot of time with his buddies Ox and Kigo.

Anytime someone came to the farm Sandy would run to the fence to offer up a kiss.

I never got any confirmation shots of Sandy because he was always a in-your-face offering lots of love kind of guy.

With Kigo by his side they were a good team trying to get a handout from the kids.

See no one else gives my boys as much attention.  Even with a carrot.

Sandy was such a big part of all our hearts. He was so sweet and kind. He had grown out of his childhood trouble making and was the kindest animal I had ever met.

It was a really sad day when Sandy died.

We miss him so much.

I wish this storm didn't share the same name as him.

We are not sure why he died, but he is being studied and hopefully the scientist will be able to find out his cause of death and be able to help many more alpacas.  Right now they believe it was a form of cancer.  Luckily it was something that only effected him and not the rest of the herd. But still it sucks.  We miss him.  

In hurricane news it is so windy outside we can't open the doors.  But we still have power!  We hope everyone stays safe over the next couple of days.


TexWisGirl said...

awww. hard to make the boys understand. i'm sorry for your loss. he sounded like a sweet teddy bear.

Brian King said...

A bit mischievous, perhaps, but a friendly and handsome little guy! Sorry to hear he passed away. I can see why the boys would be confused.

Debbie said...

awww what a sad story!! all of your images are lovely, they don't need to be edited.

so far, so good here. we still have power but we are really starting to get hammered!!

we are prepared with food and we have a generator if we need it!!