Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Go G-men

So as I posted the other day we got free tickets to the Giants Redskin game. We had so much fun.  I took a ton of pictures and I had to share a few more.  I wasn't sure if I would be allowed to bring my camera into the stadium, but I was. As long is your lens isn't over 6" you can bring it in. So there now you know.

 It was a really exciting game and we had great seats.  We were in row 18 on the 10 yard line.

I thought it was so nice of Eli to look up at me so I could take his picture.  He could have smiled a little nicer.  He's as bad at a three year old. Hee hee.

He flies through the air with the greatest of ease.

Our friend Jim is on the X. He is so lucky he gets to watch every home game on the field. He will get to work the Superbowl when it is here! How cool is that?!

I didn't get a picture of Cruz scoring the winning touchdown because everyone was jumping up and down cheering, but I did get a shot of him on the large TV.

I see how it is Eli you smile for Pam, but not for me. hee hee

We were very thankful for a great game, great weather, and great friends. 

Fun times.


Brian King said...

How cool! Your photos are awesome, Andee! I've never been to a pro game. I bet it was a blast!

Debbie said...

that's a nice friend to have andde, you got some great pictures!

we are not football people although we did go to a few games when the boys were little. how does tailgating work?? i always wondered. does everyone bring food?? does everyone share their stuff or do you just cook for your own group??

that's a lot of food on that grill!!