Saturday, October 13, 2012

Feels Like Fall

Today we got up early and headed out of the house for some apple picking, pumpkin picking and a trip to the reservoir. I didn't edit any of the following pictures they are all SOOC. Some are overexposed but I kind of like them that way.  We had a wonderful day and I'm finally feeling better.

Brady takes apple picking very seriously. He inspects each apple.

Tiny thinks it is a race. He wants to fill the bucket up first.

 Brady declared all of the pumpkins to be broken. 
We did find one that he finally decided was just perfect for him.

We went to visit the turtles.

This picture turned out totally over exposed, but I love it.

This is my favorite tree. It looks like it is standing on top of the water.  Since the water levels are lower this time of year we could get up close to it. Otherwise we can only see it from a boat.

Have I mentioned I love October?


TexWisGirl said...

cool enough for coats there! nice!

Debbie said...

it was a beautiful day andee and you got some great pictures!! 70 degrees tomorrow, i sent you an email about a pumpkin display the boys might like!!

that tree is a favorite of mine too and i am so happy to see a picture of you with the boys!!

Brian King said...

The boys with their apples made me laugh! Serious business! Love those dead trees...great background for photos. Nice SOOC photos!