Sunday, September 30, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Have you ever watched the movie "Overboard"? If you haven't seriously why haven't you? Okay so my favorite part of the movie is when the mother is laying on the couch completely out of it (because she really isn't their mother) and the father comes home and the little boy says, "I like it when she goes Bub Bub Bub" and he is tossing grapes at her head. Then the father proceeds to pick her up and dunk her in the cold water on the front porch.  I'm in the Bub Bub Bub moment.  This weekend was my parent's farm open house. I am the lucky one to work the register.  So somewhere between talking to over 500 people and keeping track of where my kids are all in the course of 12 hours the weekend was a huge success! I'm sure there were well over 500 people, but I guess that I talked to that many people.

So first thank you to everyone that helped out with my boys!!!! Especially Aunt Kari you are the best!  I'll write more about the open house in another post, but I had to say thank you to everyone that came out to support my parents farm! It is like a dream to see so many people in one place so happy and appreciating what we get to have everyday. There are so many amazing people out there that came out to support our farm. Amazing people that I am so grateful to get to meet. Hooray for alpacas!

Okay finally on to the Scavenger Hunt.


Look at the footwear! I love this couple. I wish I knew who they were.

Getting Ready

Okay if I saw the sky looking like that I would not be heading out to sea.


I was going to use this as getting ready. But these boats were getting ready to head out to sea with their bright lights on.

Teeny Tiny

My Dad holding his newest grandson.


A shawl I jut finished knitting. I did so many cable-less cables and connecting them all was mind boggling. But I didn't mess up once. So huge success!

I'm joining with Ashley's Scavenger Hunt Sunday I hope you do too!


Brian King said...

Great shots, Andee! The sailboat with the dark sky is really nice! The night photo of the boats is wonderful!

TexWisGirl said...

you must be exhausted! the 'teeny tiny' is my fave. :) sweet.

Splendid Little Stars said...

wonderful photos! I love your interpretations! What fun! Your shawl is lovely!

Lori ann said...

so glad the day was a sucess, i thought of you! oh that tiny baby and proud granpapa! so sweet! and of course i love your shawl!

Debbie said...

gorgeous shawl!! i love teeny tiny but i was sure it would be "tiny"!

my weekend got all messed up and i didn't get by to see you :((((

Debbie said...

is the couple in allaire??

Ida said...

Really nice set.
What fun Yellow shoes that couple was wearing. They look very happy.

I really like the Getting Ready shot, the sky does look ominous but cool.