Monday, August 20, 2012

Work Weekend at the Farm

This weekend at the farm there was a lot going on. We went over to offer a hand anywhere we could.
I also walked around with my camera and got some pictures in the garden, pumpkin patch, the swings,
the pond and most importantly the hay.

On Sunday it was Hay Day.  My father and Uncle Nicky Nick got up bright and early and made the road
trip to get the hay.  Hay Day is kind of an event at the farm.  Everyone of us that is available comes over
to help out.  The kids watched the process and decided to go fishing instead. 
Soon enough they will be old enough to lug hay around too.

It was a fun weekend and I can't believe I didn't take any alpaca pictures.


Debbie said...

that sunflower shot is stunning, my favorite of the bunch!!

there sure have been a lot of butterflies around. i'm happy they were posing for you as well!!

i hope to post mine tomorrow. i needa stop taking pictures, i have way too many!!

Debbie said...

oooohhhhh and the boys are handsome, of course!!!

TexWisGirl said...

i always loved making hay in wisconsin. really like the square bales. here almost everything's done in round bales for cattle.

Brian King said...

Beautiful flowers and butterflies! I love the shot looking up at the sunflowers! That's gorgeous! The kids appear to have had a good time...lots of smiles!