Friday, August 10, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday- The Golden Hour

This week's tutorial is "The Golden Hour". For full details go here.

The idea of the golden hour is the time just before the sun sets and the time as the sun rises (I think. I know at least the part when the sun is setting is correct.)  You have to see the tutorial for all the correct info. There are even apps for the golden hour! Who knew?

Anyway as you know I am a dork. I love to spin and knit. I am in a knitting group and tonight was knitting club.  I love my knitting club we sit around knitting, crocheting, eating, drinking and chatting.
It is just a fun easy time.

Tonight we met up at my sister's.  As I was pulling up to her house I saw the sun was setting on the neighbors farm.  The grass was waste high and golden. I wanted more than anything to get someone to go in the field so I could get pictures for "Tutorial Tuesday: Golden Hour",
but I didn't take advantage of the setting.

So instead I begged my sister to go in the field in front of her home to get some pictures. I know my nephew would cooperate. Plus she finally finished her shawl so it was a win win. There was no time for outfit changes we only had a few minutes so we rushed out into the field in front of her home.  We mangaged to get a finished knitted project shot, one year photo shoot and Tutorial Tuesday all into ten minutes.

"Mommy I picked you a flower" 

"But you can't have it"

Ha Ha my sister showing off her new shawl she just knitted. Plus her glass of wine.  As I was taking this picture the delivery guy showed up with our dinner and he just gave us a strange look :)

I loved getting the hazy golden hour look.

Tiny insisted on getting in most of the pictures, but I tried to crop him out of this shot. I went for the vintage look to make him blend into the picture.

Thanks again to Ashley and Sarah for the tips


Brian King said...

These are really cute shots! The lighting is great! I have one of those apps. It notifies me an hour before "golden hour" starts and then counts down the golden hour. It also gives the sunrise and sunset times based on your current location.

Leanne said...

Love them! Favorite is by far that last shot of me smothering him with a kiss. THANK YOU! So glad we got a few shots in.

thecrazysheeplady said...

If/WHEN I finish the Jester sweater, I want you to take the pictures! You do a lovely job. Love the last picture and your sister's shawl is fantastic!

TexWisGirl said...

really cute, andee. love the first shot. :)

Debbie said...

i don't know if these could get any cuter!!

you really need to be taking photographs professionally!!

your sister is beautiful, you guys sure do make adorable kiddos!!

Sarah Halstead said...

Love these. The golden tone and hazy light is beautiful.

Debbie said...

i'm lovin' all those pages at the top!!

Jess said...

The third-to-last one is my favorite way to use golden hour, backlit with a darker background behind your subject. Beautiful!