Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I've Been Knitting

I have been behind in posting what I've been knitting. Hopefully this will get me caught up.

I knitted the above Grey Loop with Miss Bab's Merino yarn.  I love how it turned out.
I always enjoy doing this pattern. Each time I do it a little different depending on the yarn
I am using and I love how it turns out every time.

Brady is getting pretty going at spinning yarn. I let him use some of my merino roving and I intentionally let it get really over spun I thought it would look cute as a novelty yarn to make a sheep.

He is very proud of his little sheep toy.  He never seems to be wearing a shirt. I don't know
why, but it is summer so he can get away with it.

I spun this merino yarn and promised to make Tiny a sheep.

Tiny helped out by sitting on my lap while I spun the yarn and he got to use
the ball winder and swift.  He did a very good job.

This is his sheep before eyes.

And with eyes!

Tiny loves his toy sheep and takes it with him everywhere. He refuses to take a nice picture
with it, so this is the best I got.  (at least he has a shirt on)

In other knitting news.  I made a pair of brown alpaca fingerless gloves with the yarn from
my parents alpacas.  They kept me warm in Virginia this weekend at the alpaca auction.
They had the air conditioning on full blast and I was freezing.

I also made a neck warmer / cowl / hat out of baby alpaca yarn.  It is open on both ends and gets pulled closed to be worn as a hat or not pulled and as a cowl.

I am also working on my Ashby shawl. I am using a hand dyed alpaca yarn and I love it.
I made an error in the pattern, but I am just sticking with my error and being consistent.
I hope it works out in the end.

I spun some blue alpaca yarn back in February and Brady has been begging me every day to knit him a blue alpaca.  So after endless months of begging I finally decided to get it done.

He couldn't be happier. He loves it so much. And what amazing timing that within a week of me finishing his blue alpaca that I won a real alpaca named "Blue". Craziness I tell you.

Brady helped me out showing off the hat / neck warmer while chilling on the hammock.
He begged me to keep it for him.  The baby alpaca yarn is so soft no wonder he likes it so much.

I also made this owl hat back in July and I'm not sure if I shared it on the yarn along or not.
I had finished it but kept it secret for my sister's baby shower. So if I did post it before I'm sorry.
Here it is again.  I used merino for the hat and yarn for the eyes and beak instead of buttons.

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Tracey said...

You have so many lovely projects posted and I must confess to being very envious of your spinning wheel! It is one of my dreams to learn to spin my own yarn.
Have a beautiful day.

Mistea said...

Those sheep are gorgeous as are your beautiful models. Facial expressions are part of that job.
Lots of pretty things coming off your needles - really liking the owl hat.
Thanks for sharing.

Hannah said...

Gosh, you have been busy!
I love the colours of the yarn you've been spinning/winding.
I have some beautiful alpaca in my stash but I haven't found quite the right project for it yet.

steph said...

Holy-Toledo!!! You've been busy!!!! Just had to queue the Grey Loop----looks like it might make the Christmas knitting pile!!!

sweetpea family said...

I love your sheep :)

Anonymous said...

All of your projects are lovely!

momto5 said...

i love the yarn you were spinning. it is so lovely. i used a gray and white yarn recently, it is such a beautiful combination.

Alisa said...

what lovely knits! And love seeing your spinning....I am hoping to learn how to do this this fall...I love seeing your beautiful home spun yarn!

Charlotte Helle said...

Everything looks so beautiful! You're really talented.

Crunchy Momma said...

Your spinning wheel is gorgeous!! Someday I hope to learn to spin!! this is my first time at your blog : ) Tricia @ crunchycatholicmomma.blogspot

Nicole said...

Love the knitted toys. I am wanting to make some for my kids.