Thursday, August 16, 2012

An Important Lesson

As you all know by now I have gotten the birding bug.  Really my boys and I love exploring and taking pictures of birds have led us on many adventures.  The other night I didn't feel like arguing with them about going to bed as a special treat I let them stay up late and watch a movie. They watched "The Big Year". They loved it and each declared it was their favorite movie.  When I first saw the movie I thought it was a joke and there weren't people that counted birds.  But now I know it isn't a joke! I love that movie now.

So also as you know I have been taking tons of pictures and practicing my photography.  I am trying to improve and I think the best way to learn is to practice and share some tips.  So here is a very important lesson in photographing a heron.

If you see a heron from your car, or walking be sure to approach with caution so it doesn't fly off.
Take a quick picture of the area before you are in site of the heron.  Then adjust your setting on your camera and approach slowly.

Gain eye contact with the heron and let it know you are a friend and tell it not to fly away.

After taking your first picture readjust your camera settings once again and ask the heron to do
something exciting to photograph.

But the most important part of this lesson is.....

Be sure to always look up!!!!!

Because there just might be......

An Osprey with it's lunch!

Did you see that coming? I sure didn't.  Darn heron for getting the right settings on my camera. I wish I got clearer shots of the Osprey.  But blurry ones are better than none!

So that is my lesson for the day :)


Debbie said...

haha, a great story...i could have written it myself!!

awesome pictures, the osprey is WoW!!

i have never seen that movie but will put it on my "to watch list"!

Stewart M said...

Just when you think you have nature under control, it breaks free and does something unexpected! Nice pictures - and always look up and around when you take pictures!

SM - Australai

Brian King said...

I wish I could communicate with doesn't work for me! You got some great shots before being interrupted by the osprey. :-) Talk about perfect timing! Those are awesome photos - lunch and all!