Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Beach, a Scarf & an Owl Hat

I usually love Tuesday nights more than any other night of the week.  On Tuesdays we usually go out for dinner.  Fortunately we know a few places that offer "Kids eat free on Tuesdays".  I really enjoy getting to sit at the table coloring with the boys and talking about our day.  It is so much more relaxing than cooking and ordering the kids to stay out of the kitchen while I cook.  Going out means more time to sit together and just have fun without the work of cooking and cleaning.  And the kids getting free meals means we can enjoy it more.  So after dinner Tiny wanted to go to the beach...

Greetings from Spring Lake, New Jersey

Me: "Don't touch the catamarans!"
Tiny: "Ha ha ha."

I'm pleased to say we didn't knock any of them over.

Since we were there and I had my camera, and a scarf I recently knitted it seemed like a good time to take some pictures of it.

I asked Freddy if he could show it off a bit. humm...

Okay maybe Brady could do better...humm

that's my boy!

The beach was wonderful as always.

I also made a slouchy hat out of the same gray yarn, but I still need to bind it off. Maybe next week I'll get a new model to show it off for me.

But I also made an infant Owl Hat for my future nephew.

He isn't expected to be born for a few months so this little hat will have to wait for it's model.

When I knitted the scarf I was reading "The Hunger Games" so I called it the Peeta Scarf. Yes I was knitting and reading at the same time!  That is very exciting for me because my vision is so bad I usually can't read.  The headaches were worth it.

Ravelry notes on the "Peeta Scarf" here

Ravelry notes on the "Owl Hat" here

I used Miss Bab's yarn for both projects. It is a hand dyed Merino.


Beth said...

love the sunset shot. the clouds are beautiful there. you son looks like he could fly with your scarf. cute. ha. ha!! (:

Jen said...

Your pictures are awesome. I love the scarf AND the hat! So cute!

Heather said...

The scarf and the hat are lovely! And the beach...oh I wish we could go to the beach...but my kids always fall asleep on the hour drive, and i never wake sleeping babies :-)

Hannah said...

Ooh your scarf is gorgeous and beautifully modelled by all!
Thanks for the owl hat link - I love that you've been so thorough with your ravelry notes, too.

Alisa said...

gorgeous projects and I love the setting! I grew up going to the Jersey shore every summer.....great memories!!

Victoria said...

I adore owls and I am seriously in love with that hat!! Too darling for words!

Anke said...

Beautiful scarf and beautiful models. :-) I've made some owl hats myself and they are so much fun to knit, don't you think?

Debbie said...

my favorite beach in the whole wide world!!

awesome sunset image!!

heyBJK said...

Gorgeous shots! I had to laugh at the scarf modeling photos, though! They didn't exactly look enthused to be your guinea pigs!

swanski said...

Love the scarf and the photography is stunning :)

Lori ann said...

beautiful photos and knitting andee, i love the siloutthe (sp?) so pretty!