Sunday, July 15, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Ashley's back! Congrats Ashley on your new little baby and welcome to the mommy club.

This was a very exciting week for us. We played in the pool, visited friends and my little niece was born!  Oh dear baby fever is raging over here.  We have no plans of having anymore kids, but oh that sweet little baby was just too cute. Can I order one just like her?  If I could I think the boys would love having a little sister. We do have two empty bedroom. No Andee stop, stop, stop. We are done!  Oh but girls are too cute. 

Okay enough baby stuff on with the SHS.

Freddy doing a cannon ball. He is kid at heart.


These flowers were given to me by my blogging friend Debbie from It's All About Purple!  I cropped this picture, rotated, cropped again and kind of like out it wasn't square or rectangle and of course I love the flowers.


My sister-in-law with my niece.  Oh how adorable is she?  They waited until the birth to find out the sex of the baby.  Oh to have a little girl was such a surprise and I rushed out and bought so many adorable little clothes. She is just too cute! I want one.


Our friends daughter was playing with this little toy.  There were eight pegs and she sat so quietly hammering each peg in one at a time.  Over and over.  Oh girls are just so cute and they play so nicely.


Freddy with his sister and niece.  Freddy is so calm around newborns.  He can't resist holding them, talking to them, and playing with them.  I on the other hand am terrified of holding other people's newborns. They are so tiny!  But I couldn't get enough of my own kids.

Well that was it for this week. Now it's time to head to the beach!


Roban said...

That baby is adorable! And the little girl playing with the toy... brings back memories of my girl when she was younger. Lovely interpretations of the words this week! Enjoy the beach!

Stasha said...

What a lovely set. I like your take on 8.

Jessica said...

Beautiful photos! Your eight photo is very sweet and your niece is beautiful!

Debbie said...

i feel famous, really i do!!

great set. nothing for me this week but the good news is, i am feeling better!!

heyBJK said...

Fantastic photos, Andee! You can't go wrong with kids. The new arrival is a cute one! Your flower shot is beautiful, too!

Ida said...

Wonderful set.
Water is really cool.
Petal is very pretty.
Fresh, Eight and Calm are all charming and very sweet.

Ida said...

Wonderful set.
Water is really cool.
Petal is very pretty.
Fresh, Eight and Calm are all charming and very sweet.

Deanna said...

Precious, precious, precious...I love that last one with your husband so eager to hold the new little one.

Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography said...

Awwww- what a beautiful moment in their lives you have captured.

My Inner Chick said...

Ahhhh, I love the "Fresh!!"

can't get much fresher than that...

Ashley Sisk said...

Fresh and calm are so so sweet - what a blessing.