Monday, June 4, 2012

Team Kailee 2012

On Sunday we supported my beautiful niece Kailee in the "Walk for Empowerment for Spina Bifida". That is Kailee in the picture above in the middle. The walk raised contributions for the Spina Bifida Resource Network- a 501 c 3 non-profit organization that helps people who are living with Spina Bifida in New Jersey and Metropolitan New York. The walk took place at the Long Branch New Jersey Boardwalk.  It was such a beautiful day and it was so wonderful to be able to support my niece.  Do you like the shirts? Aren't they fantastic. Hee Hee. I made them last year.  I am not sure what the final count was, but I made a ton of them. They hung all over my house for a week. It was like living in a fun house trying to get around as they were all strung up on clothing lines going this way and that.  Unfortunately I didn't make more this year, but I promise to make a fresh batch for next year.

Lots of family came out to walk with us. The walk is one and a half miles and Kailee walked the entire way. She even ran around chasing her cousins.  When the doctors discovered she had Spina Bifida they told her parents she may never be able to walk.  So seeing this site brings a huge smile and tears to my eyes.  She is so amazing.

Brady was turning the walk into a race. 

Tiny was amazing at the walk. He walked almost the entire way.  I offered to carry him the last quarter mile and he hitched a ride on his daddy's shoulders.

Team Kailee! for more info about the team click here

ps- did you notice my new photo booth pictures on the side bar to the right?  There was a photo booth at the wedding we went to and I actually got my picture taken, such a rare thing to happen :)

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Debbie said...

i saw the photo booth pictures, NICE!!

you should take some pictures with the timer, that include YOU. one day you will regret that you are always behind the camera.

i love your candid pictures, they are really gorgeous!!