Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Since having kids I have found doing laundry to be a bothersome chore.  I used to enjoy doing laundry. I loved folding my clothes nicely and putting them all away. I took pride in wrinkle free clothing. I actually used to transfer the clothes from the washer to the dryer before they sat in the wash for days and got that awful smell that comes from wet clothes sitting in the wash and need to go through the wash cycle again.  But now I hate doing laundry. I have decided it is because I have to do stupid laundry. Stupid laundry consists of dirty clothes that did not need to get dirty in the first place. Underwear and socks are not stupid laundry that is acceptable laundry.  I'm talking about things like my pants because the kids found baby powder in the bathroom and thought it would be funny to cover their hands with it and then run and put their hands on my black pants.  That is stupid laundry.  Or when the boys act as if they can't drink from a cup and juice runs down the front of their shirt onto their pants and they cry for an outfit change.  That is stupid laundry.

My other reason for hating laundry is the process.  Why hasn't anyone invented a machine that you can load your dirty clothes into and it can wash and dry them?  We have dishwasher that do that with dishes, why not clothes? 

So instead of doing the ten loads of laundry I need to do right now I decided to make this silly post instead.

Tiny just wiped his face filled with peanut butter and jelly on my sleeve. Stupid Laundry!


Debbie said...

haha, that's a million dollar idea. you better get busy before someone steals it!!

and 2 boys = a lot of laundry. take it from someone who knows!!

Debby said...

I know doing laundry can be such a pain...but it's good to see the little ones having fun...They all look so cute...

Have a good week,

Lori ann said...

haha, stupid laundry, i remember that. i think you have a great idea there!

pembrokeshire lass said...

Hi, I'm new to your blog but used to think the exact same way when I had kids at home. My husband always used to say you don't need to wash these overalls so often ( that was when they were so dirty from milking they would practically jump off the hook in the utility and walk into the kitchen on their own!) My grown up son would put things out that I'd washed and ironed only last week, I had not seen him wear and looked clean but rumpled! I'm sure he
'd put them on a pile on his dresser and they'd slid onto the floor until he'd picked them up to put out for wash! Joan

Michelle said...

You better patent that idea because it'll take off! I hear you...I have a mountain waiting for me in the other room, and I just finished last week. ~sigh~