Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Backyard, a Barn & a Walk

We spent the weekend doing lots of yard work.  We got lots of mulch down and many new plants in the ground.  We started working on "My Garden". I wanted a small space that would be relaxing and a fun little place for the kids to play.  We need a walkway from our deck stairs to the pool and patio.  We have a large pile of blue slate and I think it will work for our paths.  We started laying them out to see if we have enough.  I think we will have enough so the next part is to level them out. The kids love this new little area and I hope I can fit in a small little bridge.  I think I have enough left over lumber from their playground to build one.

I really wanted to participate in Barn Charm this week.  There a lots of barns in the town I live in, but I hardly find time to get pictures of them.  There is a new barn on this farm and I have been wanting to get a picture of it. It is so pretty, but a little bird told me it isn't a barn for livestock. It is just a fun place for family to hang out.  My kind of barn.  Unfortunately the weather was not cooperating, so my pictures didn't come out well enough to share. I'll have to try again another day.  Here are my best two.

So after my failed attempt at Barn Charm pictures we headed to my parents farm to take their new dog, Naya, for a walk.  Naya is doing well with most of the new people in her life, but she hasn't warmed up to the kids totally yet.  She enjoys going on walks with them, so we swung by for a little quality time.

Naya did do very well with the boys on the walk, but she still isn't too sure about them getting to close to her.  Other than that she is a very sweet little puppy.


heyBJK said...

Beautiful photos! I love the shot of the grass with the barn in the background. Really nice! It looks like the kids had fun!

ALF said...

I can't even tell you how excited I am to come to the farm and see all of you in just 2 weeks!!!

Debbie said...

andee, i was there a few days and took pictures...it was suppose to be my barn for this monday!!

now what am i suppose to do!! hehe