Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April Showers Bring May Flowers

I have never been very successful at photographing anything purple.  I spotted this flower from my living room window and with camera in tow I went outside.  I took 50 pictures of this one flower.  Fifty! Really it is just one flower.  But yesterday I read this post and realized I was just practicing.  If you are interested in photography I recommend taking the two minutes to read it.

On a side note. My mother just called me to let me know she found a puppy she wants to adopt.  She emailed me pictures and I had Tiny and Brady come to the computer to see the pictures for the first time so my Mom could hear their reactions.  Here is the conversation I had with Tiny.

Me: "Look this is the puppy Mommom is going to get."
Tiny: "Ah it's a baby doggie."
Me: "Do you like it?"
Tiny: "How is she going to get it? Is it going to come out of her belly?"
{much laughter}
Me: "No she is going to pick it up in her car."

Here is a picture from petfinder in case you would like to see the puppy for yourself.

image from petfinder


Sall's Country Life said...

I think you did a great job capturing that purple iris!! Don't you love it when funny stuff like that comes out of kid's mouths? This post has made me a follower...puppies, chuckles, and photography...what's not to love!!

Anonymous said...

I thought since you stopped by mine, I'd stop by yours. You take beautiful pictures!

I would love to turn my blog into a reflection of myself and my interests and I will one day, but for now I'm trying to promote a book...

I love what you say about showing your children pictures. My son is autistic and learned everything he knows today from pictures. We used pictograms before he could even talk (now he talks two languages).

Thanks, Maggie