Wednesday, April 25, 2012

"Yes Jesus Loves Me...

...the Bible Tells Me So."

Over the weekend my little nephew was baptised.  It was a beautiful service at church.  There was lots of family gathered to celebrate this big day with him. The message at the church service was "OMG! lol".  The message was about hysterical disbelief.  Our pastor spoke about what people would have been texting if they had cell phones at Jesus' Resurrection.  She guessed- OMG! lol.  You won't believe what just happened.  There was much more to the message, but I wanted to add that for a little memory for my nephew's baptism day.

After the service we had a wonderful lunch at Harpoon Willy's a little restaurant along the Manasquan River.  This restaurant was constructed in 1792 making it one of the oldest buildings in Wall Township, New Jersey.  It has been a spot for fisherman to stop and eat for a long time. It has a fascinating history.

Oh and sigh to the lighting in the church for photographs always a challenge.

God Bless you little Chase.


Leanne said...

Thank you for the pictures. I love them all :)

Debbie said...

i have not been to harpoon willy's in a long time, i'm not sure why. perhaps the hubs and i should plan a dinner there soon, the view is amazing!!

chase, what a cutie!!