Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pockets for Africa

Last night I knitted these pockets for Africa.  Lori from Lori Times Five is heading to Africa and she will be giving these pockets to members of a village!  I am so excited to be having something I made travel to Africa.  I will be making more of these and my boys are collecting and making small treasures to put inside of them.

If you would like to contribute to this wonderful Community Knitting Project please visit Lori's site for all the details.

My boys will be making small pictures to go with the pockets if you would like to send anything along with them please let me know. I can collect them at the farm and mail them to Lori in California (I will be mailing them on Monday 4/23/12).

My Ravelry notes- Pockets for Africa


Debbie said...

they are so cute andee and i love the colors. what could i give you for them??

Lori ann said...

you are so awesome. i just ran into my husbands office to show him your post. thank you so much.

and your pockets are beautiful.