Sunday, March 25, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I am joining along with Ashley's  of Ramblings and Photos Scavenger Hunt Sunday.  I set aside my camera most of the week. I needed to focus on getting things done. And wouldn't you know it I saw the most amazing photo opts ever!  Ugg.  I won't be doing that again. Sigh.  But here goes these weeks items...

At the current moment my boys are playing Little Big Planet (a video game). I asked them to have their characters face the camera so I could take their picture.  I don't let them play it often.  Typically they are allowed to play in on Saturday mornings when I work.  If I let them they would play all day and into the night. I basically can get anything done while they play this game, like see everyones' posts on the Scavenger hunt without being interrupted.

I am knitting this top / beach cover up for myself. I made the pattern up in my head. I am almost done knitting it. I am also knitting this purple shawl as a gift.

3. Dust 
I draw moldings from old dusty samples. Then my drawings are made into steel which then turns wood into the exact same moldings. Since I work for a custom millwork shop dust is a part of my life.

4. Seed or Sprout
I have a small herb garden started on my kitchen window sill.  I have sprouts!

5. Drop 
These are all the plants I have started. I keep them in my house, but it was so warm out that I wheeled them outside.  A large wind gust came by and they dropped!  All my seeds got mixed up. Sigh.


Janice Trinh said...

Nice herb garden you got started there! Although your other shelf of What are you going to do with all those mixed up seeds?

Miranda@becomingmyideal said...

I am so impressed (jealous of) your knitting. So pretty! I also like the photo of you herb garden.

seabluelee said...

I love the photo of your wood moldings. The different colors and grains are fascinating. I really like your tender little sprouts, too. I'm so sorry about your "drop," though. I hope your seeds will grow anyway and that you'll have some fun surprises from them.

Ashley Sisk said...

Great set - love your seed or sprout shot!

Leanne said...

How do you find out the next week's things?