Thursday, February 9, 2012

Time to Recharge

I work from home and sometimes I need to step away from the computer and play with the boys.  I know I should be doing something more productive like the laundry, cleaning, working, or running errands. But I prefer spending an hour rolling around on the floor with the boys building castles out of blocks.  I grabbed my camera and like always Harley (my dog) got in front of the boys so I couldn't get their pictures. So I decided to give him a special photo shoot. 

Brady is practicing spinning yarn. He is doing an amazing job.  He keeps the wheel going for long times and is very anxious to make enough yarn so I can knit him a new alpaca toy.  Also tomorrow at school I am bringing my wheel in so all the kids can try making yarn and we are going to turn the yarn into friendship bracelets.  Very exciting stuff.

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Leanne said...

Nothing is more productive than playing with the boys. If only it was all we had to do......Love the Harley pics.