Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday's Picture- Hair

This is me! I hate having my picture taken. But tomorrow I am chopping my hair.  Right now it is 22" long. Too long for me.  I am going to cut it to above my shoulders and dye the heck out of it.  I had grown my hair out for my wedding and planned on cutting it after we got married. Well that was 2006 and I haven't cut it. So tomorrow is the big day. Make over time.  Maybe I'll even get a manicure.  I am going to donate my hair to locks of love. I hope it will make a nice wig for someone. Unless I chicken out. We'll see.


Debbie said...

it's so beautiful but you are doing wonderful things with it!!

the blog looks great, i love all the personal, special touches!!

oooohhhh but do you think you could rid yourself of the word verification thing, i can barely make it out!!

Debbie said...

go in to settings, then publishing. you will see the word verification thingey (almost impossible to make out) turn it off. then save settings. that should work!!