Sunday, February 19, 2012

Change is a good thing.

So recently my husband started a new health kick.  He is attempting to lower his cholesterol with his diet and not with medications.  I am so excited about this. I love eating healthy and cooking healthy.  It is so nice to have the whole family on a health kick. If you have any recommendations for meals that are low in cholesterol please feel free to share them with us. 

Brady is going to be starting swimming lessons next week. He will go once a week until mid April. If I mention the word swimming he gets very upset and fusses and whines that he needs his swimmies. We have a swimming pool and I have worked with him swimming and he really is an excellent swimmer he is just lacking the confidence in the pool.  I am hoping by having him start now he will be all ready to go at the beginning of the summer.  So my fingers are crossed that he will have fun.  I didn’t sign Tiny up because well his is Tiny Terror and I am not ready to go there. 
I am going to chop my hair. It is 22” long and wildly out of control.  I am hoping to send it off to Locks of Love.  Then cut it short and dye it blonde.  Watch out world I’m getting fancy.

Our trip to Baltimore was amazing. It was so nice to get away from home for two nights. No laundry, cleaning, cooking and especially work.  I work 7 days a week from home and I really needed the break. It was just long enough that I didn’t get too backed up on work, but I am having a hard time diving back into it.  I am spending too much time on Pinterest and Blogging, but sometime I need that for my sanity.

Our trip made me inspired to take another trip. So I guess I can now spend the rest of the day researching places to visit instead of getting my work done.

Freddy is turning 40 in May. We are going to have a party mid summer once we get some projects done around the house and yard. On his actual Birthday we are going to plan a fun activity like white water rafting and camping.  If you have any recommendations on places for white water rafting I’d love to hear them.

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Marilyn said...

Absolutely lovely blog you have here.. My kids are starting swimming next week as well, I look forward to see how my daughter reacts to it.. I hope Brady enjoys swimming and good luck to your hubby.. ;))

I am Marilyn...Officially your newest follower here with smiles.. Visiting from - Hope you can stop in sometime.. I have a photo challenge happening right now that i would LOVE for you to participate in if you can.. ..Thanks so much.. Wishing you an amazing Sunday...