Friday, February 17, 2012

Baltimore Inner Harbor- Part 1

 After two very exciting nights in Baltimore we are home safe and sound.  We had a fantastic time in the Inner Harbor.  It was a long over-due family trip.  We have never taken the boys to a hotel before.  They enjoyed countless elevator rides.  Also inside our hotel was a mall "The Gallery".  There were five levels of escalators.  The boys thought they were the most amazing things and at the ground level we threw pennies into the water and made wishes. 

 The weather was perfect.  We were able to take long walks and check out all the boats, submarine and lots of other new and exciting things.

 And of course there was lots of jumping on the beds.  They boys loved the view out the window.  We live on a dead end street and the view out our front window is of trees.  The boys loves seeing all the lights, buildings, boats, cars, trucks, firetrucks, police cars and people.  Tiny laughed everytime he heard a car beeped. He thought it was the funniest thing ever.

 This is the mall inside our hotel.
I have many more pictures to post. You've been warned.

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