Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Yarn Along

This week in school Brady is learning about cold weather. For show-and-tell on Friday he needs to bring in his favorite mittens or gloves.  I thought it would be nice to make him mittens "as white as snow" like the mittens in the book "The Mitten" by Jan Brett.  This book was given to Brady by his Aunt Kari. I made the mittens last night and Brady loves them and they fit perfect.  I held off finishing the second one to make sure the first one fit.  Now Tiny is requesting a pair.

My husband has been asking me to make him a hat.  I have held off making him one because I really wanted to make him something I would be proud of.   I saw this yarn in the store and I knew it would be perfect for his hat!  I made hats for the boys with this yarn and I can't wait to get all three of them together for a photo shoot (just as soon as I find the boys hats, they have vanished).

 I also spent a lot of time photographing my sister's hand dyed yarn. She sells this yarn on Etsy.  Our shop is Arrow Acres Farm.

These are just a few samples of the yarn. I have so many more pictures, now I just need to add them to the Etsy Shop.

I am joining along with Ginny from Small Things on her Yarn Along
and please be sure to check out our farm's blog Arrow Acres Farm

Happy New Year!


Ellen said...

The mittens and hat are wonderful. I love tying in knitting with reading a specific book. Love that one, by the way. Her illustrations are gorgeous.

Dawn said...

As coincidence would have it, I was just printing off Jan Brett coloring pages for my 7 year old while I was browsing Ginny's yarn along and here I am. We love Jan Brett. The stories never get old and the illustrations are gorgeous. Go to the website for coloring pages of the Mitten for your son to share with his class. Great mittens and hat, BTW.

Debbie said...

oh how i remember show and tell!!

nice pictures of the hubs, he looks a bit like a real model!!

Swanski said...

Wow! Mittens, hats and new yarn all in one post :) I love the photo of one knit mitten and one almost knit mitten, too cute.

JNCL said...

Oh, I HAVE to get my daughter a copy of The Mitten book! We already have the Gingerbread Baby by that author, and she just loves it!
The Beauty of Eclecticism

Lori ann said...

my daughter loved that book, we met jan brett once and had our copy signed. (i made her mitts too!)
love yours, they are so very cute. and your husband looks great in his hat. i'm off to favorite you on etsy! beautiful yarn. :)