Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hours of Fun in a Box

Tiny is officially potty trained. We are diaper free!  That doesn't mean we are 100% accident free, but the accidents are few and far between.  Tiny was more eager to potty train than I was to train him.  Diapers are just so much easier.  So to celebrate our new diaper free status the boys got this little sandbox.  I say the boys because Brady was a wonderful big brother encouraging Tiny through his training.

They played with this sandbox for hours. I added some shark teeth, shells and coral we found at the beach to make the digging more exciting.  It is such a fun little toy.

But just when I thought our potty training days were over. Harley (my dog) can't seem to make it through the night without having to go out to pee.  So just about every morning at 2:00 am I am up to let him out.  Oh the fun.

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Debbie said...

what a wonderful idea and awesome pictures of the wee ones!!