Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday's Picture

Once again I am breaking the rules. Friday's Picture is only supposed to be a picture and no words, but I wanted to explain this photo.  Fast Freddy and I got married in May 2006.  He proposed to me in June 2005 on 7th Ave Beach in Belmar.  I love the beach more than words can say. I spent a lot of my childhood on 7th Ave beach and Freddy new this beach had a lot of meaning to me.  So this is the spot he asked me to be his wife. I was so happy to become his wife and still am.

I am participating this week in a photo scavenger hunt.  One of the items on the list to photograph is "Something Artificial".  My wedding bouquet was made from artificial flowers. Artificial Peonies to be exact.  I have bad allergies when it comes to fresh flowers.  Months before my wedding I thought about me standing in front of the alter with fresh flowers in my hand sneezing, runny nose and itch eyes. Oh the horror.  So my mother made this beautiful bouquet for me and I'm happy to say the only tears that were in my eyes were of joy.

So this week during the beautiful weather we had I took my bouquet to the beach and placed it in the sand in the same area where Freddy proposed to me.  I am surprised I never thought about doing this before and I am so grateful for participating in this scavenger hunt to make me do things I wouldn't have thought to do otherwise.

I will post all the pictures from my scavenger hunt on Sunday.

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