Thursday, December 22, 2011

Angora Rabbit

My knitting club did a Secret Santa Gift exchange this year. Many months ago we picked names out of a wine glass and I selected Tara. Tara has a jersey wooly named Izze. She is such an adorable little bunny.  Tara has always had rabbits growing up and I knew off the bat that I wanted to make something with angora rabbit yarn for her gift.  I had a hard time tracking down the yarn, so with the help of my mother and my sister Liz they visited Twisted Knitting & Spinning in New Hope, PA.  They found angora yarn and they help decided what color Tara would like best I was on the phone the whole time. I was actually driving through the Safari at Great Adventure. I remember I was parked by the kangaroos and the boys were getting a kick out of watching the baby kangaroos going inside and out of their mother's pouches.  Totally unrelated, but I thought I'd share that anyway.

They returned from their trip and I couldn't wait to start knitting. I was totally unprepared for how allergic I was to the yarn! I was sneezing my head off. So I showed my other sister Leanne the two inches of the cowl I had made and asked if she thought it was worth me suffering to continue. She grabbed the cowl and gasped and said Tara is going to love it.  So I know I needed to keep going. I found if I worked on it outside while my boys played on the swingset I didn't sneeze nearly as much.  So I was able to get it done.

Last night we exchanged our gifts and Tara loved it. Phew I'm glad.

I am joining along with Ginny's Yarn Along


Keri said...

That's dedication! Well done on completing it!

Swanski said...

So warm and fuzzy looking! Love the way you photographed it as well.

Crunchy Momma said...

Awww. too bad you were allergic to the yarn, I am sure it was super soft and so glad your sacrifice paid off.

Gilda Knits said...

cute pic. so now you know to never get an angora bunny as a pet ;)