Thursday, November 17, 2011

Jumpy Place

 Tonight we went to the House of Bounce for a Birthday Party for one of Brady's friends.  Tiny got to come along too. He was very excited because he loves the "Jumpy Place" as they call it.  Last week Brady went to a Birthday Party here and Tiny didn't get to go. I tried to explain to Tiny that the party was for Brady's friend and he had to stay with Daddy.  So Tiny ran into his room and grabbed about five stuffed animals. He came running back down the hall and said, "Mommy I have my friends now can I go to the jumpy place?"  I felt so bad there he was standing in the hall holding onto his stuffed animals looking up at me with his big puppy dog eyes.  He did stay home and he did have a great time with his dad they even got to go out for dinner.  But this time around I could not find anyone to watch him, so I asked the birthday girls parents if it would be a problem if I brought him and they said he could come!  He was so happy and so was Brady to have his brother there to play with him. 

 Tiny learned he had to wait for the girl to say it was okay to go up.  He typically doesn't like being told what to do.  But he did very well tonight.
 Brady's super jump.
There is an inflatable obstacle course here that most parents call the "obstacle course of death" many kids go in, but few come out. Well come out unassisted.  That is not to say the kids don't like this. In fact they love it and they want to go in it 100 times.  I am very grateful that now an attendant sits in the course to help them over the wall.  In the past I was always the lucky one hoisting the kids up over the steep rock climbing wall. This is the end of the course. Tiny was so proud to get through it without me.

 Tiny wasn't too excited about sharing his new favorite toy the water fountain.
 I ran into a friend of my who I haven't seen since high school.  Our kids had a fun time playing together.  It was so good to catch up with an old friend.

Emma thanks for the great Birthday Party at the House of Bounce!!!


Debbie said...

you have the cutest boys on the planet, seriously. tiny's certainly not displaying his "terror" side!! is he out growing his nickname....cause he's lookin mighty sweet!!

Andee said...

This morning Tiny locked me out of my house. He was so proud of himself. He took it upon himself to grab a big spoon from the drawer and he got a huge scoop of peanut butter. Then he stood with his peanut butter doing a victory dance, while I was freezing outside. He finally let me in. At the momment he has his pants around his ankles and running up and down the hall screaming "you can't catch me". Just another adventure in potty training. He is far from outgrowing his nickname :)