Monday, November 7, 2011

Pocket Book Slippers

I made these slippers this weekend while I was at the 2011 NJ Alpaca Classic in Logan, NJ.  I hand spun this alpaca yarn it has purples and yellows in it.  These will be a Christmas present so I can't give away the recipient.  They are a fun present to make for people. They look like little pocket books and they fit together when you aren't wearing them. When you put them on they transfer into cute slippers.

The picture above is what they look like when they are stuffed together.


Debbie said...

gorgeous!! will you be selling these at the open house?? i would also like a camera cap holder, in this color if possible!!

Andee said...

Yes I plan on making pocket book slippers and camera lens cap holders to sell at the open house. I'll make sure you have first dibs on the first pair I have finished for sale!

ALF said...

Those are SO cute! I love them.