Tuesday, November 8, 2011

First Steps

I took these pictures a long time ago.  Back before I had my own digital camera. I got my camera last October 2010. I was upset that it was Halloween and I didn't have a camera to take pictures of my boys. So I broke down and got myself a camera.  Before that I had been borrowing my father's camera.  I had taken a lot of picture with that camera that never got downloaded to my computer.  I asked my sister the other day to send me some pictures from our trip to our friends the Corson's farm. 

Tiny had just started walking days before and when I put him down in their barn he took off.

We were feeding baby goats huge bottles of milk. Tiny was apparently more interested in seeing what kind of trouble he could get into with his new walking abilities.
These baby chicks had just been born that day (or the night before) I can't remember exactly. Brady loved them. Mr. Corson was letting Brady hold them while my grandmother Nan (Brady's Great-Grandmother) watched over closely.  We have a ton more pictures from this day and hopefully I can get them loaded up on my computer (well at least the one I am borrowing until I get mine fixed).


Debbie said...

adorable!! i fought digital, tooth and nail (whatever that means)....now i can't even imangine using film!!

Andee said...

I have been slowly scanning in some of my old black and white prints and saving them onto my computer. I used to develope all my own prints in my dark room. Now I use my dark room to wash alpaca fleeces. Who would have thought?