Friday, October 21, 2011

Playing with the Alpacas

The other day I took the boys to Headquarters. My parents were in Ohio at an alpaca auction, so we went over to check on the herd. I told the boys to pack what they wanted to bring and I made lunches.  We arrived at headquarters and Brady had his bag of goodies and he couldn't wait to show off what he brought to the alpacas.  Ox was the first alpaca to great us.

 Above from left to right are Kigo, Sanda, Ox and Awan. They love my boys and were very excited to see what Brady and Tiny brought for them to play with.
 I had not looked in the bag to see what Brady and Tiny packed and I thought it was so cute that Brady had brought his book about counting and nursery rhymes and Tiny brought his Big Truck book.
 Brady knows all his numbers and counts to 20 flawlessly, but if you ask him to count for you or ask him to tell you his ABCs he will just smile and not say them.  He read this book to Awan. He counted all the numbers: 1 caterpillar, 2 hippos, 3 frogs ect.
 Kigo and Ox were very interested in our picnic blanket.
 Brady also brought his LeapPad. He was showing them videos and the alpacas we so curious about the weird little thing that made all that noise.
 Brady even used his LeapPad to take pictures. Then we took a break for lunch.

 This is Ox. He is my favorite alpaca on the farm. I have been working with his fiber. I have been washing it. I just got finished picking it and I have some on the drum carder and I will be making more yarn from his fiber this weekend. It is a lot of work getting his fiber clean. I think he knows all the hard work I put into it. So in the picture below I feel like his is laughing at me saying, "ha ha I'm getting all dirty".
 It was hot that day. So we hosed down the herd. I cannot imagine any other animal that I would let my 4 and 2 year old sons stand in the middle of the field with and hose them down.  Alpacas are wonderful creatures.

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Debbie said...

i don't know who's cuter, your boys or the alpaca's!! what a wonderful experience for them!!